Functional specimen


Device for fractionation method of plastic recycling

Laboratory three-compartment cell of zinc-air flow battery

Foaming vessel for polymer membrane preparation by the thermally induced phase separation (TIPS)

Continuous cooling circuit for preparation of porous materials via thermally induced phase separation


Laboratory cell of zinc-air flow battery

Device to determining diffusion coefficient of gaseous penetrants in polyolefins by differential pressure decay method

Device for solvent based recycling method


Symmetrical setup of electrochemical cell for testing electrode reaction kinetics of redox flow batteries

Vanadium-oxygen fuel cell and flow electrolyser for stationary energy storage

AQDS-oxygen fuel cell and flow electrolyser for stationary energy storage


Apparatus for testing of fuel cells with redox flow half-cell


Apparatus for charge characterization of bipolarly charged powders

Laboratory device for determination of Young’s modulus of layer of powder material

Electrospraying device for preparation of nanoparticles with implemented motion control


Video-microscopic apparatus for measuring of polymer swelling in liquid penetrants

Laboratory device for preparation of polymer foams via thermally induced phase

Laboratory device for cloud and freezing point determination of polymer solution via
thermo-optical method


Functional sample of the conductive connection of graphite felt and composite plate

Kopolymer na bázi propylenu s vysokou tekutostí taveniny a se zvýšenou transparencí

Protokol z ověření technologie výroby kompozitní desky

Vodivé spojení grafitové plsti a kompozitní desky


Composite plate

Laboratory device for measurement of conductive flat samples


Multilayer tubes for reducing the incidence of static charge

Laboratory device for the characterization of the electrostatic properties of powders

Granulate for the production of conductive composite plates


Laboratory unit for dipping of thin polymeric films from solution

Laboratory unit of secondary zinc-air battery

Laboratory supercapacitor with manganese oxide based electrode


Laboratory unit of primary zinc-air battery